About The Artist

Tina Brown

I would like to give you a briefing of my personal background. I
did study fashion designing in FIT (State University of New York)
at NYC, NY, USA. I had been designing wedding and party dresses
and also the detail flower or lace designs for the embroidery work
on these dresses.

My grandparents were from China, Taiwan and Japan and they
migrated to Indonesia. I was born there but I grew up in
Singapore since I was 7 years old and then I went to NYC to study
at FIT for university studies. I speak several Asian languages and
my artwork is quite international and may be influenced by my
Asian cultural and professional background too:)! I aspire to have
my artwork to be appreciated by customers from anywhere in the
world, and not be limited to any specific culture.


In my whole life, I never joined any art competition before but I
did win for an art competition once and unknowingly when I was
7 years old, which was a nice surprise for me then. At that time,
I attended the elementary school, and I remember that the
teachers told all the students to draw as best as they could for
the Indonesian National holiday. The medium used was color
pencil. The teachers did not tell the students that there was an
art competition being held then, until all the students in the
whole school had finished drawing. I was so happily surprised
when the school announced and named me as the winner, for the
3rd place out of 4 winners in the whole school and I was
complimented with some monetary award.

The Covid-19 pandemic started since 2020, my
dress business did poorly, and especially because many of my
Customers, who owned the wedding or the party dress retail
shops closed down.

Being stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic lock down, I
started thinking about painting. I did not take any formal lessons
in fine art, or having anyone tutor me, but I thought I just try to
paint and try to do as best as I can. I realize that I can actually
paint. I will try my best to keep improving on my painting skill so
that my art work will be up to standard and to meet my
customers’ expectation and to satisfy all customers from
anywhere in the world. As I would like my art to have a global
appeal, I decide to draw a wide range of different objects for
artwork, with different styles and focus so as to cater to as many
types of customers as possible.


I will post new artwork regularly, and for sure I will post new
artwork every month and my target is to post 12 artwork per year.
Each of my artwork will be unique despite the varied styles and
the object in each art work is quite distinct from another, and yet,
they can all blend in harmoniously as one gallery of artwork that
brings out the similar and consistent stroke of an artist. This is
because all my artwork have certain similar features, such as
being vibrant in the colors, and rather abstract in rendering the
objects painted.

Following are my list of discounts:
10% for any purchase of $60 and above;
20% discount for the first purchase;
20% for purchase of $120 and above;
The discounts will be automatically applied at checkout.

Please email me for any feedback and I would appreciate it:)!
Thank you very much for your kind attention, and God bless:)!

Tina Brown.


As a complimentary and appreciation for visiting my website, I will post free samples of my gospel songs, or other songs and digital products, and I welcome anyone or any church to use them for free, but not for commercial purposes. You may also go to my YouTube Tiny Bruno, where you can find all my gospel songs there, and if you like my songs, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Tina Brown The Artist
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